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Brand strategy and positioning development

Marketing communications creative concept development

Direct sales support

Event and trade show planning, design and support

Market/segment sizing

Primary qualitative and quantitative research

Market/segment modeling

Channel analysis, segmentation and marketing programs

Prospect screening/qualification

Customer satisfaction programs.

28 years of successful, measurable program results.
INSIGHT: Market research that isolates those factors that your customers and prospects consider the most critical to their purchase.
STRATEGY: Through positioning and branding, you can achieve meaningful and sustainable differentiation among customers and prospects.
COMMUNICATIONS: Transforming market insights and strategies into communications that are provocative, and memorable.
RESULTS: Programs that gain market share, analysis that measures their results and quantifies your marketing ROI.
A premier resource for marketing and marketing communications programs.
From market research and strategic planning to branding and communications to post-program measurement, Quest is more than
just a traditional advertising agency.
We help you make certain that your programs are integrated, consistent
and measurably effective.
We’re here so shoot us an e-mail, give us a ring, or stop by and say hello.
The Quest Business Agency
2150 W. 18th Street, Suite 202, Houston, Texas 77008
Phone: 713-956-6569 Fax: 713-956-2593 E-mail: info@tqba.com

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