Research-based insight closes the gap between you and your target market.

     Purchase price projection

     Customer satisfaction

     Concept testing


     Focus groups


     Statistical analysis/modeling

     Brand awareness

     Database development &

     Neural net modeling

     Executive Analysis
     Customer satisfaction issues
     and their impact on market share

     Cost-saving opportunities

     Pre-marketing acceptance and
     pricing for a new product or
     service concept

     Situation-specific data that can
     give you a competitive edge.
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Market research can be a potent source of actionable insight.
We can help you identify and quantify:
     The market's awareness of
     your company, your brand and
     your advertising

     The impact of your current
     marketing programs

     Your competition's hidden
     strengths and weaknesses

     The real factors influencing your
     prospects' purchase decisions

     Profit impact of pricing changes