Quest defines Branding as the planned and systematic association of a set of qualities and values with a name.

Effective Branding ensures that the target audience:

     Easily recalls the brand owner

     Recalls the brandís qualities
     & values

     Understands the brandís
     qualities & values

     Correctly assigns qualities and
     values to the right brand.

In highly competitive, crowded, fast-paced and complicated markets, branding is a key factor
in setting a company and its products/brands apart from the competition and in motivating trust, purchase and referral.
Successful positioning allows
your audience to easily differentiate your brand/company from your competition. Strategically differentiated yourself is key to marketing success. A well crafted positioning strategy details your principal competition, target audience and key message, and provides a rationale for why the key message will elicit the desired response from your targeted audiences.

     Creates preferred choice and

     Drives first choice or preference
     and retention

     Recognizes that everyone is a
     customer - the supply channels,
     investors, influencers, buyers,
     and employees

     Increases the value of the buyer relationship beyond price and

     Motivates stock purchase and retention among investors.

     Protects market share from
     competitive efforts to undercut
     price or to copy product benefits or services

     Supports credible new product
     and service introductions

     Instills patience and goodwill
     among buyers in times of
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