Client market share increase
     from 1.7% to 23% in 5 years

     14X increases in revenue
     R.O.I. in excess of 40:1

     Margin improvements of
     40+% over 3 years

     Annualized program
     R:E ratios >50:1

     Lifetime contract value
     R:E ratios >150:1
     96% response to direct
     marketing programs and
     55:1 R:E ratios

     Annualized bottom line impact
     of $50 million

     Increases in client’s annual
     revenue by $115 million

     Client sales revenue growth of
     4X in 1 year and R:E ratio >30:1
     after the first year.
Quest measures the success of the programs we develop by the same business criteria you do, your profitability and your market share. We have the results that prove our success.




     Baker Hughes



GE Energy


MD Anderson

Ross Laboratories


Minute Maid


Houston Community College

Second Baptist Church


Sprint Business Services

The Houston Livestock
Show & Rodeo

Building upon successful relationships with companies - large and small, global and local - in a variety of demanding markets:
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